Fun things to do near Rapid City SD

Fun things to do near Rapid City SD

There are many fun things to do near Rapid City SD if you have an extra day or two.  One of the main things is of course, a visit to Mt. Rushmore, a quirky American attraction.  But Mt Rushmore isn’t the only national park, sculpture or nature outing near Rapid City SD.  There are numerous others.  During my visit, I was able to sample a few.


things to do near Rapid City SD


Crazy Horse Memorial

This is Rapid City South Dakota’s other famous carving.  Unfortunately, only the face of Lakota Chief Crazy Horse has been carved to date.  Work continues on today.  If the final carving looks like the model sculpture, it will be really cool.

The history of Crazy Horse Memorial is really fascinating.  For one, the sculptor of Crazy Horse also worked on Mt Rushmore.  In addition, there is a history behind this memorial with the Lakota Native Indians that is very interesting.  Check out this picture and history slide show for more details.

For Pricing and admission, click here.



Custer State Park

If you don’t have enough time to drive out to Badlands National Park (which I didn’t), then consider a visit to Custer State Park.  Here you will see bison roaming (as you would at Badlands) as well as other wildlife.

In addition, check out Needles Highway, a winding roadway through the park with views of the forests and mountain.  The ‘Needles’ are the granite spires and pillars that have eroded over time.   Drive through the Needles Eye tunnel if your car is small enough lol.  As well, check out the Cathedral Spires which are a grouping of ‘needles’.

This scenic drive will take you to Sylvan Lake and the unique rock formation formed from the inclement weather.  I have to admit, it was extremely windy here and in general in Rapid City in late October.  Sylvan Lake is considered the crown jewel of Custer State Park.

The topography here is really interesting and distinctive.  To me it fits in perfectly with the other creative or quirky attractions in Rapid City like Crazy Horse and Rushmore.  I only mean that in a positive way.  In fact, I really enjoyed this spirited and cultural aspect of Rapid City.  These unique attractions are only found here in South Dakota which makes a trip here to be so worthwhile.

I’d recommend Custer State Park as a relaxing, nature-oriented and fun attraction.


things to do near Rapid City SD


Keystone Town

While driving to Mt Rushmore National Park on Hwv 16A, visit Keystone Town in the Black Hills, SD.  If you are driving really fast, you may zoom past it as it’s only a mile long.  It’s a town focused on South Dakota items.  Do stop by the Rocky Mountain Taffy Shop for tasty treats in the shape of Rushmore or good ole fashioned candy.  This used to be called Coffee Shoppe Fudge store/café a few years back (pic above) but it looks like it got a makeover.  I really like the feel of this small town (population 337 per the 2010 census).  Also, there are souvenir shops with Black Hills, South Dakota and Rushmore themed items lining the street.  Fun stop.



More fun things to do near Rapid City SD

List includes the Presidential Wax museum, Bear Country USA, Badlands National Park, Big Thunder Gold Mine and 1880 Train.  I wasn’t able to visit any of these (except the entrance to the wax museum).  However, if I was in the area again, I would visit any of these places.  Thus, I don’t have a recommendation either way but they could be worth checking out.


Custer State Park

Crazy Horse Memorial

Keystone Town - Taffy Candy Shop

Visit Mt Rushmore, a quirky American attraction

Visit Mt Rushmore, a quirky American attraction

My trip to visit Mt Rushmore is one of my most favorite and memorable vacation jaunts.  I took this trip in late October 2010 with my sister near to my birthday.  It was fall weather and cold.  I was beyond excited to visit Mt Rushmore which I constantly referred to as “a slice of Americana”!  It was.  Mt Rushmore is one of those places that you see on tv but never really make an effort to go visit.  Hopefully, after reading my post, you will be inspired to visit Mt Rushmore. I promise you will not regret it.  I loved it.


visit Mt Rushmore


Beginning your visit Mt. Rushmore starts with parking your car at the Mt. Rushmore National Park parking. If you go during the fall, there should be ample parking. During the summer, it will be crowded. Entrance to the park itself is free but parking is around $10.


visit Mt Rushmore


The Avenue of Flags

After entering the park, walk through the Avenue of Flags that displays 50 flags for each of the 50 United States of America. There are 6 additional flags for Washington DC, USVirgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and Northern Marina Islands.


visit Mt Rushmore

After walking through the Avenue, you’ll arrive at the Grand Viewing Terrace where you can view the Mt Rushmore in all it’s glory.


visit Mt Rushmore


Mt. Rushmore

Mt depicts the faces of 4 US presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Chosen for their contribution to our great nation, this represents over 150 years of history.

The sculptor Gutzon Borglum began work in 1927 and completed the Mt. Rushmore in 1941. Let me share some fun facts that I found on website.

Rushmore Facts:

  • Sculptor Gutzon Borglum began drilling into the 5,725-foot mountain in 1927, at the age of 60.
  • Creation of the Shrine of Democracy took 14 years and cost a mere $1 million.
  • Rushmore’s granite faces tower 5,500 feet above sea level.
  • The carvings on Mount Rushmore are scaled to men who would stand 465 feet tall.
  • Each head on Mt. Rushmore is as tall as a six-story building.
  • More than 800 million pounds of stone were removed from Mount Rushmore while carving the presidents.
  • Each president’s face is as tall as the entire Great Sphinx of Egypt, measuring 60 feet from the chin to the top of the head.
  • The presidents’ noses are 20 feet long, each mouth 18 feet wide and the eyes are 11 feet across.
  • The workers had to climb 506 steps daily to get to the top of Mount Rushmore.


visit Mt Rushmore


Presidential Trail

Do be sure to take the Presidential Trail which is a half mile trail around the Mt Rushmore.  From the trail (picture above), you can view each president from a unique vantage point that showcases that president. As well, you can take lots of pictures (as I did).  At the end of the trail, you’ll have the full view of the 4 presidents.  This view is also available from the Grand Terrace (earlier).



Visitor’s Center

Do check out the visitor’s center for more information on this fascinating and unique attraction. During the summer, there is a video of the sculptor, Borglum, the workers and the process of completing Mt. Rushmore.

Sculptor’s Studio

Take a tour of the studio that Borglum used to envision his creation. Again, during the summer, there is a ranger talk about the creation of the monument.

Don’t forget to swing by the gift shop for a souvenir, the bookstore for more information or the café for a snack.

Visit Mt Rushmore @ Sunset

There is a sunset illuminated viewing of the Mt. Rushmore but unfortunately, I didn’t make it to that. I’ve heard from online reviews that it is really wonderful. It does take place during late October timeframe but I was elsewhere and didn’t make it back over. For Illumination hours, click here.

I can’t say enough how fun this trip was. To visit Mt Rushmore in person really brought it to life for me. Don’t hesitate to make this trip. Where else in America (or elsewhere…) can you find this? In addition, the surrounding area of South Dakota and Black Hills have a lot to offer.

For more information on where to stay while in South Dakota, check out my hotel review, Rapid City hotel review – Fairfield Inn.


Rapid City Hotel Review – Fairfield Inn

Rapid City Hotel Review – Fairfield Inn

Below is my hotel review for the Fairfield Inn Rapid City Hotel in the Black Hills region of South Dakota.  I booked my reservation 2 weeks prior to arrival using Marriott Rewards points.

For more information on Rapid City & Mt. Rushmore, check out my blog post.


Fairfield Inn Rapid City Hotel – Hotel Review

1314 N. Elk Vale Road  Rapid City  South Dakota  57703  USA;



My 2 night stay at the Fairfield Inn Rapid City Hotel was at the end of October.  This is considered to be off-peak season for Rapid City.  Their peak is during the summer– mid-May through mid-September.  You will see this reflected in the room rate which can get up to $200/night.  If you visit during Oct, your room rate can be as low as $46/night.  What a difference!

My room was a 2 queen bed room and was spacious and clean.  When I arrived, it was very late (because my flight was delayed) and very, very windy.  I’m not sure if that is common weather in Rapid City but the wind was howling and made the temperature freezing.  I could hear the wind from inside my room.  During the night, I wondered if the roof would be torn off and blown away.  To this hotel’s credit, however, when I awoke, all was well.  There appeared to be no debris or anything off its hinges outside.  Whoever built this hotel must have been good.  Solid is what I’m saying.

The hotel is a standard Fairfield Inn and includes a comped breakfast.  There is free wi-fi and a fitness center onsite.  As well, there is an on-site restaurant called Sliders Bar & Grill.

Nearby is a McDonalds and Arby’s.  You can probably walk there if the weather permits.  Within walking distance, there isn’t much else.  In addition, there are a few hotels nearby.  For me, a city & beach girl, looking out to see bales of hay and lots of open fields was wonderful and relaxing.

Next door is Watiki indoor waterpark resort.  You can purchase tickets at the Fairfield Inn Rapid City Hotel.  I couldn’t even contemplate water sports in October so I didn’t inquire.  Kids will like this activity.


Getting to/from:

Fairfield Inn Rapid City Hotel is a short 9 mile drive from the Rapid City airport.  I would recommend that you rent a car at the airport and drive over.  There is a Hertz car rental (and maybe others?) inside the airport terminal.  This is convenient in that you don’t have to take a shuttle to pickup your rental.

Parking is free at the hotel.  Alternately, the hotel has a complimentary airport shuttle that you can call and schedule ahead of time.

Downtown Rapid City is 3.5 miles away.



For my 2 night reservation, I used Marriott Rewards points.  However, since that time, Marriott has changed the number of points required for this hotel.  Currently, you will need 35,000 points per night.  I find this to be high.  If staying during an off-peak time, I would keep my points and use cash.  If staying during peak, consider using points and cash or points.  I still think 35K is a lot.  There are more hotels in Rapid City now than a few years ago so shop around before using all your points on this one hotel.


Recommend (Y/N): Yes

I would stay here again and recommend this hotel.

Find a cheap flight.  Get the best flight deal with these insider tips.

Find a cheap flight. Get the best flight deal with these insider tips.

Finding a cheap flight is often the first step in planning a trip.  However, the cost of flights can be a major expense.  But it doesn’t always have to be that way.  If you know how to scour the internet for a deal, a cheap flight can be yours for the taking.  Once you figure out the flight piece, the rest of your trip planning becomes easier to accomplish.  Here are some of the things I do to find a cheap flight.  Or at a minimum, the best deal I can find.


Cheap flight tip #1: 

Book early


Start scouring the internet and travel websites early on for the most availability to your destination.  I would advise 3-6 months out especially for an international destination.  You may even want to check earlier (6-9 months) if you are going to a popular destination during a peak time of the year (ie. Italy in July or Cancun/Caribbean during spring break).

Airlines will have the largest selection of varied seat pricing the further out from your travel departure date.  That’s because airlines have different fares/prices for the exact same seats (in coach).  Once the lower priced fares are taken (and that’s what goes first), then the remaining inventory will be the higher to highest fares.

The one caveat to this is that if an airline has a lot of seats still available and it’s getting closer to the departure date.  Then, the airline will offer a discount on the seats because they want to fill them.  You could score a really good price just because there is extra capacity (availability) and the airline wants to fill those seats.  Refer to: Search airline maps’ online availability (cheap flight tip #9).

Booking early will also let you choose the seat you want.  If it’s a long flight or you’re travelling with a group, then it becomes easier to find seats together.  Sometimes that can make a big difference.


Cheap flight tip #2: 

Search different travel websites (and the main ones)


Check out the major airlines’ websites (like Delta, American, United) as well as other travel sites like Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity.

This will help you to gauge what a competitive price looks like.  And then you can set your expectations about what price you will end up paying.  Once you find a competitive price, don’t hesitate too long before booking or that fare may be gone.


Cheap flight tip #3:

Book outbound and inbound flights separately

– even on different airlines


Airlines used to give a slight discount for booking a round-trip on the same airline.  But this is no longer the case as airline pricing has become so transparent.  Thus, it could benefit you to look for your ticket in separate searches.  ie. Look for the outbound flight (to destination) separately.  Then, look for the inbound flight (return from destination) separately.

I did this recently with JetBlue and American Airlines.  I found a cheap flight on the outbound flight with JB.  And also, a cheap flight with AA on the inbound flight.  Had I chosen to book the entire round-trip ticket with one airline, then my overall flight price would have been $150 higher.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t leave with one airline and return with another.  Check the flights both as a round-trip and then separately.  I do find that JetBlue does give a slight (maybe $5-$10) discount for round-trip.  But in my case the return flight on AA provided a bigger savings.  I don’t find the other airlines to give any such discount.

By booking separate inbound and outbound flights, you can also arrive in one city and leave out of another.  This can save you the travel cost of getting back to your original arrival point.  For example, I flew into Rome and left out of Venice.  This saved me from having to pay for a train or airline ticket from Venice back to Rome just to fly out.


Cheap flight tip #4:

Search as a single flyer vs. as a group of flyers


When searching for a cheap flight, if you are travelling with more than one person (yourself), search for each person’s flight separately.  You can first search as a group to compare pricing.  However, sometimes there are different fares/prices depending on seat availability.

Some airlines will show “2 seats left at this price” on their site which is helpful.  But what if you are looking for 3 or 4 seats.  In that case, take the 2 seats at that lower price, then search for 1 or 2 seats separately.

If you search for all 4 together, you will get a grouped price at the higher fare.  That’s because in that fare category there are 4 available seats.  In the lower fare category, there are only 2 available seats which doesn’t satisfy your search criteria.  Thus, those fares will not be offered/presented to you.  It’s a booking engine/fare pricing thing…


Cheap flight #5:

Search airline maps’ online availability


One trick I like to use is to go into the airline’s flight map of the seats available.  You get to this by searching for a destination with dates, then clicking on the “available seats” for a particular flight.  This will show a map of the seating arrangement inside of the aircraft.  From here, you can see if there is a lot of availability of seats on the plane.

If you are closer in to the departure date of that flight, and there are a lot of seats available, then there is a high probability that the airline will offer a sale on that route.

If you see limited or no availability on that flight, know that the price of your ticket most likely will not come down.  Therefore, know that the flight is getting booked up with limited probability of seat availability opening up.


Cheap flight tip #6:

Include a stop-over


Having a stop-over on your way to your final destination can often times yield savings.  Check different websites to see what the pricing looks like to/from the same destination but with a stop-over included.  You may have to select stop-over in the booking engine.  If there is a stop-over and the time between flights arriving and leaving is bearable, then choose that option for a discounted fare.

However, if the layover time adds a lot of extra hours to your overall flight time, then consider the savings versus the time.  Sometimes, it’s just not worth it to sit around for the extra hours just to save a few bucks.  You could probably save that money elsewhere and get your time back.


Cheap flight tip #7:

Be flexible


When searching for your ticket, you can find the cheapest fares by searching under flexible or open dates of travel.  Some airlines will present a monthly calendar of fares so you can see what different fares are available for different days.  Ie. JetBlue does this; American does this by week, etc.  So if you have some flexibility on the dates that you leave and return, try this option to find the lowest fares.

As well, if you are open to your travel destination, search for open travel dates and/or different destinations to see what city or country ticket prices are on sale.  For example, if you want to go to the Caribbean or to Europe and are open to the destination, search for the different islands or European cities and see what pops up as a value fare.


Cheap flight tip #8:

Fly on a budget carrier


There are a lot of great options in Europe and Asia to fly inter-country and to another country with a budget airline.  Some examples of budget carriers are: AirAsia in Asia & Australia; SpiceJet or JetAirways in India; or Ryan Air, Norwegian or Wow in Europe.  These are just a few.  In the US, we have Frontier or Spirit Airlines.

These budget carriers provide more flexibility for you to fly within a country and to another country.  For example, if you find a cheap flight to Asia (any destination), you can then search for an Asian budget carrier to take you further onwards (to an alternate destination).  Instead of taking a more expensive, non-stop, long-haul flight to your final destination.  This allows you to stop over in a different town or city for a few days.  Or, you can fly to your final destination with 2 cheap flights.

Keep in mind these airlines can be very, very cheap and you get what you pay for.  When I flew on Air Asia (Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai; Chiang Mai to Bangkok; Bangkok to Singapore), it was no frills.  There was no snack or drink onboard, I got only a carry-on allowance for free (not sure if this still exists) and there wasn’t a seating assignment.  It’s the base fare which can be dirt cheap.  Other amenities you’ll have to pay for.  That said, fares can be so low you’ll almost not believe it.

You can get around fairly cheaply and on some long-hauls if you plan your flights out.  You can fly all over Asia, Australia, Europe and India with budget carriers.  So figure out how to get over to a different continent.  Then, pick up a budget carrier to take you around.  The savings from this can be quite significant.


Cheap flight tip #9:

Secure an Award Ticket using miles


Research your destination and which airlines fly there.  Then, check to see if that airline has a travel credit card with a nice, juicy signup mileage bonus.  This will allow you to earn big miles towards a free ticket.  If so, sign up ahead of your travel time and complete the requirements to get the miles.  Then, book your ticket.

Using miles for Award Travel does require some planning and a bit of time.  You will need to:

  1. Sign up for the airlines’ loyalty program
  2. Get ‘approved’ for the credit card
  3. Complete the requirements
  4. Have the miles posted to your account.

In addition, the best availability for award tickets are waaay in advance.  While planning my Italy vacation, I booked 6 months earlier than my departure date.  You would need to get a travel credit card at least 6 months prior to the 6 month booking. Thus, card approval 10-12 months prior.

I suggest travel credit card since this provide a big chunk of miles upfront.  There are other ways to earn miles with your travel credit card like shopping on the airline mall portal, dining out or using an airline loyalty partnership (ie. FTD, Netflix).  It will take a good while longer for the miles to add up with these methods in comparison to the big signup bonus.

I find the Award Travel process to be totally worth it but it will take planning and patience.

With Award Tickets, you will have to pay the taxes for your flight and the airline processing fee.  My trip to Italy amounted to $40 (instead of $700-$900 which would have been the actual ticket price range).  Note: if you book an Award Ticket days before your departure date, you will also have to pay other fees to the airlines (and these may add up).  In addition, there are change & cancel fees.  In short, if you book Award Travel, be clear and sure about your travel dates.  You don’t want to make changes afterwards.


Cheap flight tip #10

Use Miles & Money


While using airline’s loyalty programs, you can also take advantage of using airline ‘miles and money’ to pay for your ticket.  If you are signed up with the airline loyalty program and have a set number of miles banked in your account, then use them to pay a portion of your ticket.  Granted, this option can use miles at an unfavorable rate for the customer.  It is nevertheless an option especially if you are travelling in off-season and ticket prices have come down.  In peak season, it’s better to get an Award Ticket outright as the miles are in a set range and not variable as in miles and money calculation.

Note: some airlines may require that you have their airline credit card.  Check the individual airline site for more information.

Cheap flight tip #11

Search airline websites ‘from’ another country


If you’re going to an international destination, consider searching for your flight on the airline’s website for that country.  For example, if you type in, it will prompt you to select your country and language.  You can search from another country to see if there is a better deal from that country.

All the major US airlines (American, Delta, United) have this feature at the top of their websites.  However, you may have never paid any attention to it.  In addition, other carriers have this feature as well (AirCanada, British Airways, Quantas, etc). This reverse country option may show the US fares as more competitive.  Or, it may yield savings from the other country.

In the case of AirCanada example, there’s a better fare if booking from the US site for a flight from Toronto to Ft. Lauderdale.  Thus, if you are Canadian, switch to the US site and book your ticket. Do note that if booking in a country that is different than your own, the ticket will be priced in a foreign currency.  Make sure you use a credit card that doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee to avoid any surprises.


Cheap flight tip #12:

Skip a segment


Another tip to consider is ‘skipping a segment’.  What this means is that you add an additional segment or flight to your final destination.  This additional segment is one that you add but plan to not complete (ie. Skip).  I did this during my trip to Hawaii.  On my return from Honolulu, flight prices were very high from Honolulu to LA ($800).  So, I searched for flights with an added segment: Honolulu to San Diego with a stop-over in LA.  This flight was around $300.  When we landed in LA, I disembarked without completing the LA to San Diego portion or segment.  The airlines priced this longer trip as if I was going through LA to San Diego and not getting off.

To ‘skip a segment’, you have to skip the last part of the segment.  If you ‘skip’ the first, then you can’t board the plane for the 2nd segment.  I want to be very clear about the order of this.  Also, when you search, select the beginning and final destinations (HNL, San Diego in this example) and check ok for stop-overs.  Then look through the results for LA as the stop-over.  You may need to search different final city destinations to get the best price (ie. San Diego, Phoenix, San Fran for example).

A word of caution: if choosing to ‘skip a segment’ of your flight, do not check your bags.  You can only take a carry-on.  You don’t want your luggage going on to the final destination (without you).

In addition, there may be some risk that your aircraft is the same aircraft going onwards to the final destination.  Sometimes, the flight attendants will announce that passengers booked to final destination can/should remain onboard.  Ignore this and disembark/exit.  In the US, this rarely happens.  Passengers are asked to get off the plane to re-board but an international airline may operate differently.


Cheap flight tip #13:

Add a segment

In addition, you can ‘add a segment’.  This means that similarly, you can add a flight or segment to your trip.  If you live in a major city, a city with an airline hub and/or within driving distance to another city, then search for a flight from that nearby city.   This may yield a discounted fare.  For example, if you live in Atlanta (Delta’s hub), search for flights from Birmingham (2 hours away) or Savannah (2 hours away), etc.  You’ll have to drive to the other city to pick up your flight but if it’s not too far away, it could be worth the savings.

Note: you have to start on the first segment or you can’t pick up the second segment.  Thus, you can’t book from Birmingham to NYC with a stop-over in Atlanta and try to get on in Atlanta.  You have to get on in Birmingham.  However, on your return, you can get off in Atlanta and skip the 2nd segment if you coordinate your airport pickup well.  That would be a ‘skip a segment’.


Cheap flight tip #14

Sign up for blog or airlines’ emails or newsletters


Keep abreast of what’s going on in the travel world and all the latest discounts and deals by signing up for emails or e-newsletters from different airlines or blogs.  If an announcement is made regarding a drop in price for a particular route or if there is an airline pricing inconsistency, make sure you are on the distribution list to be informed as soon as possible.  Timing is everything and many of those deals get booked up rapidly — especially if it is an airline pricing mistake.

Airlines do offer fare sales (discounts) or specials for non-peak travel times.  This includes Award Tickets which they announce in emails or e-newsletters.  You may not be checking each airline website constantly so having the airline or blog email will help to keep you up to date.

*Background photo by Suhyeon Choi.

Explore mysterious Stonehenge and nearby Wiltshire.

Explore mysterious Stonehenge and nearby Wiltshire.

Stonehenge is a fun and historic attraction not too far from Bath.  It could also be a day trip from London by bus (2.5 hours) or train to Salisbury. In Salisbury, you will have to pick up a bus.

If coming from Bath, there are some tours that advertise in the city.  Just purchase your ticket for the tour and hop on the bus (round trip).  This tour was one for Stonehenge. However, it also included another small town called Lacock which was 15 minutes from Bath.


Once you arrive at Stonehenge, purchase a timed ticket from, to view the stones.  While this ticket can be purchased online ahead of time, do note that you have to arrive in the time that your ticket is stamped for.  If visiting in a peak timeframe (ie. Summer), then it makes sense to buy a timed ticket.  If non-peak, then buy your ticket on-site.  Click here for pricing & times.

A visitor center resides next to the stones where you can get all the history of the stones and the area.  Definitely worth it to check out.  From the visitor’s center, walk down a platform and walkway towards the stones.  They are roped off so as to preserve them.  But your best pictures are from a distance anyways so that you can get the circle effect.

Stonehenge, along with Avebury, constitutes a World Heritage Site.

For other things to see and do at Stonehenge, click here.


Visit Stonehenge during the summer and winter solstice and gain free admission to the site.  Check your calendars to reconfirm if June 21,2017 is the summer solstice.  Crowds gather at sunset and sunrise to view a beautiful scene at the stones.



Lacock, Wiltshire

After Stonehenge, the tour stopped at Lacock (Wiltshire), a very quaint, small and charming town.  This town is owned by the National Trust (after being bequeathed in 1958).

Some pictures of this lovely town.



Per our tour guide, this house was used in one of the Harry Potter films as Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia’s home.  I’m not sure of which movie in the series it is.


stonehenge lacock


St Cyriac church

An interesting tidbit about this church is that it’s where Camila Parker Bowles’ (yes, that Camila) daughter got married in 2006.  It’s a very small church in comparison to Lacock Abbey in the town center.  Lacock Abbey was also used in Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone.  St. Cyriac is smaller but more charming and blends in perfectly with the surrounding homes and cobblestone streets.


stonehenge lacock


I would advise/recommend this tour from Bath (or London).  Depending on how long you would like to spend at either Stonehenge or Lacock (or other village), it can be done in a day trip from London or ½ day from Bath.  Coming out into the countryside really shows a different side of England than the very cosmopolitan London.

To read more about Bath, check out my post, Visit Bath on a beautiful day trip from London.