Museum Day Live 2017 in Tampa, FL

Museum Day Live 2017 in Tampa, FL

Museum Day Live is an annual event in September where the Smithsonian Magazine offers you the chance to visit a museum (or two, if you go with a friend) for free!! All over the country, various museums participate in this free, live and awesome event in a chance to inspire viewers with amazing art, sculpture, natural landscapes and historical houses/places.


When is the next Museum Day Live?

Mark your calendars for 2018 as Museum Day Live will be Sat, 9/22/18.


Which museum(s) did I go to on Museum Day Live 2017?

I had the opportunity to visit two museums this past fall: Bok Tower Gardens and The Ringling Museum! Yes, it was a long day as these two museums are in opposite directions from my base in Tampa, FL. Bok is in Lake Wales and Ringling in Sarasota. Nevertheless, it was a total value and I really enjoyed both. I would recommend either especially if free.  As well, I would definitely take a trip back out to Ringling as I didn’t have the time to leisurely wander around and experience it all.


What’s the process for Museum Day Live?

The process is simple. Simply go to the museum day live link (for 2018, not yet published) and fill out your email address.  Then, select the museum you want to go to. This is good for up to 2 people. There is a list of participating museums. I’d suggest that you check the list of participating museums to which one interests you prior to getting your tix. If you are going with a friend, your friend can request another museum with his/her own email address. Once an email address is used, it can’t be re-used for another museum.

Check out my posts for the 2 museums I visited on Museum Day Live: Bok Tower Gardens and The Ringling.

Bok Tower Gardens in Central Florida: Take a leisurely stroll

Bok Tower Gardens in Central Florida: Take a leisurely stroll

Did you know that Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr was the landscape architect behind the Bok Tower Gardens?  I didn’t until I visited. I chose this historic place as part of a free museum day live ticket mainly because I had heard the name on the radio but didn’t know that much about it. Fredrick L Olmstead was a landscape architect that worked on the National Mall, National Zoo, National Cathedral, Jefferson Memorial & White House grounds (DC) as well as the Everglades, Acadia, Yosemite and others. He focused on conservation and in bringing out the natural landscape of America for all to enjoy.


Bok Tower Gardens:

Bok Tower Gardens however, is owned by the Edward Bok family. There is a history museum on the grounds where you can learn all about the gardens history as well as the Bok family.

The gardens are sprawling and has a natural and relaxed nature to it. It is laid out in a very organized way and paved from area to area, activity to activity. It is a bit of walking however as it’s on a large grounds. Arriving at the opening of the gardens, I was able to comfortably cover Bok Tower Gardens and Pinewood Estate grounds in about 4 hours.  As you walk towards the Tower, there is a path leading you to it from the main entrance and it’s a really enjoyable scenery filled with plants, ponds and foliage.  The Bok Tower itself is surrounded by a pond filled with Koi that you can feed.

I was early and missed the crowds. Thus, I was able to view the Bok Tower in serenity. However, I was too early for the Tower concert which is at 1 & 3pm. Can’t win ‘em all.

Tip off:

My big helpful tip when visiting Bok gardens is to douse yourself in mosquito and/or bug spray. I was consumed as I walked towards the Bok Tower because there are large ponds filled with fish, wildlife, giant lily pads and who knows what else.  It’s pretty but watch out for those mosquitos in Sept.

Pinewood Estate

Pinewood Estate is within the Bok Tower gardens and you can walk from one to the other.  I didn’t pay extra for the house access and I don’t think you really need to – you can peek into the house from the large windows.  The inside looks old and dusty – a great place for a haunted mansion party in my opinion.  There is a garden in the front and also an orchard with orange trees.  In the back of the house, there is another garden.  Surrounding the house there are large trees.  There is an overall woodsy feeling as you walk around.


Window by the Pond:

Window by the Pond is a fun seating area that is enclosed in front of an active pond.  Sit inside (like you are at the movies) and watch any activity taking place in the pond.  Unique place to relax.


Parking is free with your ticket entrance.  Once you enter the entrance, there is a winding drive up to the main parking area.

For directions, click here.


Museum Day Live 2017:

I visited Bok Tower Gardens as part of a free Museum Day Live 2017 ticket.  If you want to know more about Museum Day, check out my post.  As well, check out my post on the other museum I visited on Museum Day Live, The Ringling.