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find a cheap flight

Find a cheap flight. Get the best flight deal with these insider tips.

Finding a cheap flight is often the first step in planning a trip.  However, the cost of flights can be a major expense.  But it doesn’t always have to be that way.  If you know how to scour the internet for a deal, a cheap flight can be yours for the taking.  Once...
need a visa

Do I need a visa to go to that country?

Do I need a visa to go to there? Determine if you need a visa to travel to another country before you plan your trip.  For Americans, the majority of countries don’t require a visa.  But, there are some that do like Brazil, India or Russia.  To obtain a visa for these...
get a valid US passport renewal child

How to get a US passport, renewal or child passport

Planning a trip and need to get your first valid US passport?  Follow these steps to make this process easy and quick. Visit, the official US Department of State site, to get your valid US passport.   To get a valid US passport, follow the steps...